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Business Is Blazing: Budding Marijuana Industry Banks Over 1 Billion In The Month Of January


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Marijuana Investments Up Nearly 600% From Last Year

If you were ever thinking about investing in the Marijuana, you should consider planting those seeds now seeing as Cannabis industry saw a return of almost $1.23 billion in just the month of January.

This number outlines a nearly 600 percent growth from the same time last year when the initial bubble was around $178 million in the first couple of weeks of legalization. Viridian Capital Advisors, the leading financial firm tracking Marijuana investments nationwide, reported January investments in 2018 were more than than the entire year of 2016.

We are seeing a steady maturation of the capital markets around the cannabis industry,” said Viridian Capital Advisors’ Vice President Harrison Phillips to Benzinga. “Early on, it was almost entirely high net worth individuals— and maybe a few family offices — investing in the cannabis space. Now, we are seeing more family offices getting involved, more high net worth individuals, more professional investors getting involved.

This is a number that will surely grow as more states explore legalization.


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Michelle Obama & Other Celebs Give Final Verdict On ‘Black Panther’

Pennsylvania Conference For Women 2017

Source: Marla Aufmuth / Getty

Black Panther weekend is finally coming to an end with Presidents Day being the last day to bring in big numbers.

The movie is getting praise from critics and fans alike with major celebrities chiming in on the film’s impact. Our former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama definitely made a visit to Wakanda, and she gave her thoughts via Twitter.

Michelle was not the first big name to express praise for the movie. Scroll through to find out what folks like Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, and more had to say about the film!

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Watch: Bun B Hides His New Album Announcement In A Video Of Him Cooking Seafood Patties

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - August 10, 2017

Source: Ben Gabbe / Getty

Bun B just announced the release of his next album, but he did it in a super creative, discreet way.

The Texas legend confirmed a March 16 release date for his next project titled, Return of the Trill in a recent episode of his #TrillMealz cooking series. During a one-minute video that depicts how to craft seafood patties, potato salad, and some vegetables, Bun dropped the a quick tidbit about the name and release date for his album. “Oh yeah, new album alert,” he said casually after placing the patties in hot grease, pointing to a handwritten note that says Return of the Trill. This isn’t the first that Bun has hinted at this album, though. The project is also briefly mentioned in a recent romantic advice column that B and his wife Queenie did for Houston’s CultureMap.

The most recent album Bun B gave us was Trill OG: The Epilogue back in 2013, so a project is long overdue. The good news: we have less than a month of waiting.

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Folks Are Heated Over Blac Chyna’s NSFW Vid, But Not For Reason You Might Think

BET Hip Hop Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Source: Bennett Raglin / Getty

On Monday, Blac Chyna was once again trending online, and unfortunately it wasn’t in the best of light.

A video of Chyna performing oral sex on a faceless guy was leaked online and according to TMZ, Chyna had nothing to do with the leak.

She’s reportedly getting the cops involved to track down the leaker and Chyna’s attorney, Walter Mosley, assured folks that they’re looking at it as a “criminal matter.”

This isn’t the first time private content of Chyna has made its way to the Internet. Most will remember how her ex, Rob Kardashian, posted nude pictures of her, resulting in Chyna taking legal action against him.

Now, with Chyna’s new video leak, the Internet has plenty to say. Some comments range from full disappointment to criticism of Chyna’s blow job techniques. Yup, you read right.

Swipe through to check out people’s reactions for yourself.

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Watch: Michael B. Jordan Says There Might Be Some Sneaker References You Didn’t Catch In ‘Black Panther’

Taco Bell Skills Challenge 2017

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty

Michael B. Jordan has been the man on everyone’s mind since the release of Black Panther this past weekend. Okay, he was on a lot of our minds before that for uhhh…various reasons, but after his killer performance as Killmonger, his place in Hollywood has been undoubtedly cemented.

With that status as one of the most in-demand actors of the moment, Jordan–just like his Panther cast mates–has been making the rounds for interviews across the globe. Michael’s latest stop was Sneaker Shopping, where he joins Complex’s Joe LaPuma to talk about his favorite sneakers growing up, how his style has changed, and what role sneaker culture plays within the film.

If you’ve already seen Black Panther, you know there are one or two obvious references to sneaker culture throughout the film like the *spoiler alert* “WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE?” joke. Beside that, Jordan hints that there might be some other, more subtle references in the movie that him and director Ryan Coogler sprinkled in for fun, because the both of them are sneakerheads.

Peep the entire interview below to see Michael talk about his relationship to shoes growing up and what he likes to rock now.

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Still Brazy: YG Announces His Next Album, ‘Stay Dangerous’

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

YG hasn’t dropped a studio album since his projects Still Brazy  in 2016, but that’s all about to change very soon. According to the source himself, the Bomtpon rapper is reportedly going to drop his next album sometime this year, and for now he’s titling it: Stay Dangerous.

Still Brazy isn’t the last we’ve seen of YG, his mixtape Red Friday came out just a few months after, and just last week the “Toot It And Boot It” star released his super West Coast single, “Su Whoop.” Now, he announced at a concert recently that his next album will be released soon, giving us the aforementioned title.

Hopefully this time fans will actually get ahold of this project; YG also teased a project titled Just Re’d Up 3 that was supposed to drop in 2017, but that never came to fruition. He’s also hinted at a collaboration joint with DJ Mustard called, 400 Summers, but there’s no word on when fans with get to hear that, either.

Instagram Photo

There’s no word on an actual release date or whether “Su Whoop” is single from this upcoming project, but hopefully we’ll get more info on that sooner than later.

Stay dangerous, my friends.


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LeBron Won MVP, But The Real Winner At The All Star Game Was N.E.R.D’s “Lemon” Dancer, Mette Towley

67th NBA All-Star Game: Team LeBron Vs. Team Stephen

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

If you watched this weekend’s NBA All Star Game, you already know that LeBron James‘ team beat Steph Curry‘s by just a few points. Leading his team to victory, LeBron himself also won MVP for the night–but not everybody is convinced that he was actually the most valuable performance this weekend.

Pharrell‘s collective N.E.R.D. performed for the halftime show at the game, and just as in the music video, dancer Mette Towley stole the entire show when she came out to strut her stuff during, “Lemon.” Immediately after she took the stage, Twitter exploded with inquiries of who she was and people drooling over her performance.

She quickly gained tens of thousands of followers on Instagram from her performance, and beyond that, people were thirsting over pictures and videos of Towley all night long.

Instagram Photo

Sorry LeBron, Mette Towley won MVP.


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Ayyye! Cardi B’s Diva Dance Is All Of Us When ‘Bartier Cardi’ Comes On

Migos Attends Story Nightclub

Source: Thaddaeus McAdams / Getty

It’s safe to say that 2018 is going just as well for Cardi B as 2017 did for the rap star.

On Sunday, Bardi sat front at the NBA All Star game looking like new, new money as she vibed out (in her seat) to her chart topping single “Bartier Cardi”.


We feel you, sis.

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