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Rosario Dawson Has Spicy Jokes And Katherine Heigl Thinks Xilla Wants To ‘Axe’ Women

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Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl are set to go face-to-face in Unforgettable, hitting theaters everywhere, Friday April 21, 2017. On this week’s Extra Butter With Xilla Valentine, we go inside the making of Unforgettable.

Rosario Dawson breaks down how the film is a new take on a story you may have seen before. The actresses successfully pull it off as Julia, played by Rosario, who is madly in love with her soon-to-be husband, by his ex-wife Tessa, played by Katherine Heigl, starts causing serious problems.

In the video above, Rosario Dawson jokes about making spicy food. Also, Katherine Heigl thinks Xilla wants to murder women — check it out above.


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